Who are we ?

Our Story

As bilingual parents of three active, young children, who love to travel, we know how valuable it is to find activities that entertain and stimulate them, at key moments, especially when travelling.

Based in the Alps, and mountain lovers it only seemed natural that we designed our first range of products dedicated to mini globetrotters on the theme of the mountains.

Our philosophy is based on sharing moments as a family, whilst reinforcing mountain love through creative activities.

What we are looking for above all through our products is the satisfaction of your customers. Much more than offering them simple gifts, we help you to offer them experiences and shared family moments. Through our products and services, we aim to add value to your customer experience and services.

Being there in key moments

Each of our products has been designed for what we call “key moments” 😉: rainy/snowstorm days, family meals, restaurants on the slopes, après-ski downtime or reinforcing reading and writing skills through “journal and postcard” sessions. We can allow you to offer unforgettable moments to your clients throughout their stay in your establishment.

All MIM products have been designed to be screen free, as a learning and discovery tool, helping to disconnect for better reconnection, but also and simply to create memories.

What better way to be remembered than to be part of a happy memory?


We would be delighted to hear from you, to answer any questions you may have and help you devise the perfect solution to your specific needs to keep kids (and their parents) happy.