Colouring-in postcards

Premium Notebook (12 postcards) / Postcard Bundles attached with a customised paper band

Customised and destination specific, our postcards embody the holiday experience and cultural symbols of the mountains, the Alps or your destination.


12 colouring-in postcards in a Premium customized Notebook

2, 4 or 6 colouring-in postcards attached with a customised paper band.

Front cover customisation / Paper band

All our notebooks can be customized to reflect your brand image.

If our original design does not suit you, we can change it by creating a new unique and customized design adapted to your graphic charter and visual identity.

We can also integrate your logo and the location of your establishment on the cover of your notebook.

As well as a new design, you can also choose the postcard that will decorate your notebook front cover.

Back cover customisation / Paper Band

The back cover of our notebooks are also customizable.

Your logo, your graphic charter colours as well as your address and / or website can be integrated.

If our basic design does not suit you, we can change it and create a unique and customized one.

Postcards customisation - Front

You can choose from a wide range of generic or customizable postcards for your notebooks and bundles.

We offer a choice between two ranges: a summer one and a winter one. It all depends on the activities you want to highlight in your products.

It is also possible to design tailor-made and unique postcards for your destination with our illustrator.

Postcards customisation - Back

The back of each postcard is customizable through the integration of your logo, your destination, your address and/or your website.

Colour printing is also possible upon request.


We would be delighted to hear from you, to answer any questions you may have and help you devise the perfect solution to your specific needs to keep kids (and their parents) happy.